I am very pleased to announce that a shipment of 150 new selendangs have arrived and are ready for your purchase!! We have also donated 500 slings to Yayasan Bumi Sehat this month. Help us raise funds to make another donation.

On December 26, 2004 my family woke up to the horrifying news of the earthquake in Indonesia and the subsequent tsunami that caused devastation in Southeast Asia. We were particularly shocked since our father lived in Indonesia and we knew that he was on mission on an island as a representative of the United Nations. After contacting his office and obsessively reading the news he finally called to let us know that he was well and getting ready for the massive relief work that his office would be involved in. Since our family had such a convenient connection to Indonesia we thought that there must be something we could do in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster. Thomas E. Cooke DDS

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HUGS: Help Us Give Slings is our attempt to contribute to mothers devastated by natural disasters in Indonesia as well as our effort to promote the practice of "baby wearing" among Western parents. My sister and I are selling the slings purchased inIndonesia to raise funds that are sent back to Indonesia to purchase more slings. Initially all funds were sent back to our father to distribute the slings to mothers still living in refugee camps over a year since the tsunami disaster.
Your response has been so strong that we outgrew our initial distribution method and HUGS has since partnered with two non-governmental organizations in Banda Aceh: the foundation Yayasan Saluran Internasional in cooperation with mobile clinics to sites.google.com hosted by the International Channel Foundation, and the Bumi Sehat childbirth centers run by midwife Robin Lim in both Samatiga Aceh and Bali.

To date HUGS has donated 2,042 slingsto mothers in Indonesia and East Timor. However, as more and more babies are being born the demand is surely outgrowing our supply.
Happy koala babies, sending smiles,
Jun-Nicole Matsushita and Yuki-Michelle Matsushita-Peete

The Crisis is Not Over!!

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Please e-mail us pictures of your little ones carried in a HUGS sling to designer reading glasses to add to our website.
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